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Where Are The Pyramids Short Info (English)
Where Are The Pyramids Kurzinfo (German)

For inquiries, questions, comments and all other things please contact:
David Auner.


  • Flow
  • Herr Karl
  • Igl
  • Miguel
  • Sailor


  • David Auner, Cinematographer, Operator A camera, Producer
  • Carina Bogner, Assistant Editor
  • Reinhold Fleischmann, Grading, Visual Effects
  • Daniel Hasibar, Sound Design, Composer
  • Lukas Heistinger, Operator B camera
  • Michael Lebek, Director, Editor
  • Michael Lengheim, Assistant Editor
  • Jimmy Lee, Sound Design, Composer
  • Gregor Pog√∂schnik, Operator B camera